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How To Keep Your Boiler Going For Longer

With concerns over spiralling bills the last thing you need is an unexpected boiler breakdown and repair, so how do you extend the life of your heating system?

  1. Have your boiler serviced. Scheduling annual boiler servicing is the best way to extend the life and functionality of your boiler. Expect to pay around £90 per year.

  2. Have suspected issues checked as soon as possible. Boilers don't fix themselves and small problems can rapidly become larger and more problematic.

  3. Run your heating at the lowest temperature you can tolerate. This not only saves money on your gas bill it puts less long term stress on the boiler and helps it last longer.

  4. Ensure genuine manufacturers parts are used when they need replacing.

  5. Have the water quality checked and the system flushed.

  6. Have a system filter fitted.

  7. Have the system chemically treated as required.

Obviously, any work on a boiler should be carried out by a qualified engineer so check the Gas Safe Register before booking to ensure your engineer registration is up to date.

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