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Simply put a POWERFLUSH pushes water and chemicals through your heating system and pipes to clean sludge, rust and debris which in turn maintains its efficiency. The older the system is the more sludge there will be but even a brand new system can be affected as leaving old water in the new system is a little like pouring old oil in a brand new car.

Why have a POWERFLUSH carried out?

15% of new boilers breakdown annually and of these, 60% are caused by the build up of sludge in the system. Additionally, the debris in the pipes can cause the system to run less efficiently as the pipes are blocked and there is a reduced capacity to be able to transfer heat and allow water flow. In essence, this results in higher bills and a less effective heating system.

How do I know if I need a POWERFLUSH?

Apart from a total boiler breakdown, you may also notice kettling noises, leaks, tepid water from the hot tap, dropping boiler pressure and/or cold spots in the radiators.

What can I do to stop sludge build up?

Apart from the Powerflush itself, having a magnetic filter added will catch and collect magnetite of all types and these can then be removed as part of your annual service. Some companies such as Vaillant reward customers who have filters added with extended guarantees.


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