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Updated: May 10, 2021

If your boiler is displaying a fault or error code it can be a worry. With so many different makes and models of boilers available and with constant manufacturer updates we want to ensure that you have the correct information to hand and where better to find the information than direct from the manufacturers themselves. Click on your boiler make to go straight in.


Low pressure fault

Check your combi boiler’s pressure gauge and if you find it below one bar of pressure, adjusting this to 1.5 should solve your problem.

No gas/ignition

This is a common fault, particularly if you have a prepaid meter installed.

You should be able to fix this by pressing the emergency button on your gas meter, before purchasing a gas card and topping up your credit. You may have to press the ‘reset’ button several times before the gas will come through and ignite again.

If you have checked the above, or you have a standard boiler, the problem could be due to an obstruction in your flue. Check the outside for obstructions that could be causing the problem.

Overheating Boiler

To check how fast your temperature increases, simply press the reset button when your boiler initially fires up. Ordianrily, if the temperature rises very quickly and then your boiler cuts off, it could mean the pump is jammed. Your boiler may overheat if the water is prevented from getting pumped out.

As a temporary solution you could try to open the screw on the pump which would allow for some temporary heat. Long term though, the boiler will need to looked at by an engineer.

A Blocked Codensate

If your condensate is blocked, you need to, initially, switch off your boiler and then try the following steps:

  1. Take a bowl and place it underneath your boiler.

  2. Detach the condensate pipe from your boiler (it is usually a white plastic pipe rather than copper).

  3. Drain the water from the pipe.

  4. Restart your boiler and see if it fires up.

  5. If not, it means the condensate pipe is blocked and, if the weather is particularly cold, potentially frozen.

Once you’ve located the blockage, there are several ways that you can unfreeze the condensate pipe:

  • Applying a hot water bottle, microwaveable heating pack or warm cloth to the frozen part of the pipe.

  • Pouring hot water over the frozen part of the condensate pipe using a watering can – don’t use boiling water as it could cause the plastic pipe to melt.

Be cautious of the water on the floor when pouring water over the condensate pipe as it could quickly freeze and become slippery.

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